Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Working Tractor

After many long months of waiting, tinkering and throwing money at it, the tractor is now fully functional. What ranch is complete without a tractor? While our ranch is nowhere near complete, its all that much more closer and is nice to have a piece of machinery to lend a hand. Can't say that I've done a whole lot with it since its been working though. Then again, its been a trial period to get all those bugs worked out. We haven't put the backhoe on it yet so that should be fun. Let's just hope it work and then the hole diggin will commence. Too bad the lights are all broken on the tractor or I'd go out there right now and play around. Let's see, if I've learned anything since operating the tractor in this short period of time it would have to be to never go head first towards a bunch of brush down a hill. Nothing terrible happened but with the four wheel drive busted it wasn't easy to back out of a situation like that. Well at least with soft ground like I was dealing with. We've been trying to keep busy around here in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas tree harvest. Hopefully we can put the tractor to work with that endeavor.