Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The zucchinis, squash, and tomato plants are out of control. The rows are no longer rows but rather free range growth areas for the unruly plants. I can't blame them though. They are quite healthy and free to do as they please (so long as they are producing). Perhaps next year, we will not plant as many squash. The amount of zucchini plants (five) is about right but the space between plants should be increased. About thirty-six inches from other plants would be more than enough. The tomatoes could use a bit more space between each plant. We planted them about eighteen inches apart which is fine but now it is difficult to find tomatoes underneath the dense vines. The main issue with the tomatoes is that they are overtaking the surrounding plants and moving into the paths. I found a bell pepper plant buried under the tomato plant. I suppose we could cut the plants back but they are doing so well and producing so much.

(Zucchini plant that overtook the path)

The solution that we have come up with is quite simple. We need to expand the garden. We are at capacity if you take into account the overcrowding. There is actually an area that is not planted at the moment but we have discussed planting garlic there this autumn. The area of the garden is about 2500 square feet right now. Once we are done with the expansion, the garden should be about 5000 square feet. Also, the addition of a green house (mentioned at an earlier time) will be attached to the garden expansion project.