Monday, August 31, 2009

Making One End Meet the Other End

With the recession in full swing and no apparent end in sight, I am thankful to be apart of a family business. Bundled firewood has kept the Ranch alive and kicking. To give a little background our family has been in the firewood business since the early eighties. It started with selling wood by the truck load. The business evolved into boxing the wood up and selling it to several local stores. This lasted for a few years until a cost effective way to package the wood presented itself. Shrink wrap is the current method we use to package wood into bundles.

We sell the bundles to several stores in a highly trafficked camping paradise. I can't say that I make much money doing it, actually I don't get any at all. The money goes right back into the Ranch (mortgate, electric, phone, ect) but that is fine with me. To be honest, the amount of work that goes into making a bundle doesn't seem to add up when talking dollars and cents. Then again, if we weren't in the wood business, the bills might not get paid and the Ranch would cease to exist. In the end though, one end meets the other.

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