Saturday, July 25, 2009

Painted My Cottage

The pictures speak for themselves. It was hot outside but I took my time and got most of the job done today. I can say I am quite pleased with the contrast in looks. The paint (donated from my good friend Bob) made a world of difference. I will now refer to my shack as a cottage now (or cabin). Also, the paint will act as a barrier against water, giving the wood a fighting chance.



I built the cottage in the spring of 2008 for less than $1200. Of course I have put more money into it since then but the initial cost was around that $1200 dollar mark. The largest expense was the ply wood. I used 1/2 inch OSB for the entire structure. The cost of the ply wood alone ran about $300 at least. Then next greatest expense was the roofing materials. Tar paper and rolled roofing as you can see in the pictures. I must have paid less than $200 for the roof. After that was probably the nails. The structural materials were all milled here at the Ranch. One wall is made up of 2X4's, one is 1X6's, another is 1X6's and 2X6's and one is made up of 2X6's. Oh and the rafters are 1X6's. Yes, its a real piece of work but I love it. The cost is what I love most about it. I call this little cottage a five year plan. I say that because in five years it just might be falling over. I think its amazing what a little paint did for it.

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  1. D00D that cabin/cottage (cabbage?) is looking pretty good. I can't wait to come see the ranch in person.